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“A practical question is, how can existing infrastructures be seamlessly integrated with modern technologies?”

Industrial Revolution 4.0

With DAIM from Concept to Operational Deployment


Industrial companies are faced with a variety of challenges when it comes to digitalisation. These are often associated with restructuring traditional business models and processes.

One of the greatest technical challenges is managing the enormous amount of heterogeneous data that industrial companies have accumulated over time in a wide variety of systems.


Nine in ten companies have already experienced cyberattacks.

The resulting costs are massive: The damage caused each year amounts to hundreds of billions of euros worldwide.

To contain this threat, it is essential to have a comprehensive security concept for digital solutions.

We can help you!

DAIM has already supported a great number of companies with their digital transformation – from developing a concept through to going live. As a result, we have gained a deep understanding of the issues that could arise and have created solutions for dealing with many of the potential challenges.

Our Services

Data Engineering

  • Data architecture: Creating customised data architectures that ensure the greatest scalability, durability and security.
  • Data integration: Merging your data from different sources and in various formats, and central persistence in the appropriate storage type.
  • Data processing: We process your data by making them available in a transformed and aggregated form so that they can be analysed in a way that generates conclusive insights.
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Data Science

  • Data analysis and modelling: Our team is happy to support you if you are planning to develop advanced algorithms and machine learning models. An in-depth data analysis provides you with the insights you need to make sound decisions in the future!
  • Data visualisation: We develop tools – from simple dashboards through to scalable enterprise web applications – that will help you maximise the potential of your data. This gives you and your customers a competitive edge!

Industrial Security

  • We provide security consulting to help you create or evaluate your IoT security concepts. Thanks to our expertise and years of experience, we can make sure that your IoT solutions enjoy the best possible protection. 
  • Our security solutions for IoT devices provide effective protection against cyberattacks. We offer customised solutions for your IoT devices to prevent any data abuse. 
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  • Working out objectives, use cases and requirements
  • Support with developing concepts for solutions and choosing the right technologies and architectures
  • Support with implementing and integrating IIoT solutions
  • Training courses and workshops on many topics relating to digitalisation